December 2022

This school year has started off with many financial challenges for students and families who were already hard hit by the pandemic and the resulting restrictions. It has also been a tough start to the year for the Angel Foundation for Learning as we saw unprecedented increase in requests for assistance from the TCDSB community, while at the same time, donations have been slow coming in. 

September 2022

We look forward to another great school year ahead. The Angel Foundation for Learning has continued to support students and families throughout the summer by providing grocery cards to those attending transition programs, programs for students with developmental disabilities and multiple exceptionalities, counsellors and participants of the Focus on Youth programs, as well as responding to requests for vouchers for school apparel and emergency funds.

June 2022

Although things are slowly starting to return to normal, we continue to see the long-term impact of the pandemic on many families who have lost jobs, lost family members, missed days of work due to illness, or were simply trying to make ends meet during these times of high food and gas prices and other essential commodities. We have also seen a large influx of newcomers fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

March 2022

As the pandemic continued to impact all of us throughout the fall and winter, the needs of our students and their families also increased.

December 2021

With the holidays right around the corner we wanted to extend

our sincere thanks to all the angels among us who have continued to support students and their families by donating to The Angel Foundation for Learning and participating in our fundraising initiatives.

September 2021

As we began a new school year and a return to in person learning for many students, The Angel Foundation for Learning is pleased to resume support for in school student nutrition programs, while also continuing to provide grocery cards for families in need where students are continuing with remote learning.

June 2021

The Angel Foundation for Learning is finishing off an extremely busy school year. With remote learning continuing throughout much of the spring and safety restrictions in place limiting social gatherings, AFL has relied heavily on social media and online donations to keep the funds flowing in so we could continue to help students and their families.

March 2021

This year has been difficult for all of us, and particularly for families with children in school. The school closures and lockdowns have contributed to higher than usual poverty rates, as well as rising rates of anxiety and mental health concerns for students and their families.