Clean Out Those Cupboards and Closets and Support Your Fav Charity!

In the spirit of being Stewards of the Earth, whenever you consider decluttering and downsizing, don't toss your unwanted new or gently used items. Consider selling your unwanted items online and help a charity of your choosing through a new online platform --a new way to fundraise.

What sets apart from the other buy and sell platforms is that vendors must designate a charity of their choosing as a beneficiary of at least 5% of their sales. Vendors can opt to donate more than 5% of their sales if they wish to do so. There is no fee for using the platform either as a shopper or as a vendor.

Catholic School Advisory Councils and Student Councils, as well as individuals, are invited to consider signing on to this new platform as a way of generating revenue for local initiatives, as well as supporting a local charity. Naturally we hope that many will consider designating The Angel Foundation for Learning as the charity they will support throughout the year.

Schools may also wish to consider using this an opportunity for senior students in need of community service hours. With adult supervision, students could assist with photographing items, writing descriptions and helping to post items/information to your vendor site.

A Winning Initiative

  • Your school council will win by being able to raise funds year round with minimal effort.
  • The charity of your choice will win by receiving a percentage of your sales.
  • The environment will win by having fewer useable items ending up in landfills.
  • Those who sell items, or donate items for sale by their school council, will benefit by getting rid of unwanted new and gently used items.
  • And students could benefit from the opportunity to potentially earn community service hours by helping out with local GiveRise sites.

The following easy to understand tutorials will walk you through the process of getting started as a vendor Video Tutorials

The attached posters are being distributed to schools in hard copy format for display in prominent areas around the school.

Whether signed on as a vendor or not, individuals are free to browse the site for any items that they may wish to purchase, so feel free to spread the word to others.

Visit The Angel Foundation for Learning store to shop for any items that are currently up for sale, and check back periodically as new items will be posted as they become available.

So, let's get selling and shopping, and help The Angel Foundation for Learning or other local charities!