Calling all Angels!!

Join the A-Team

We know that Angels walk among us and see the amazing things they are doing to help others: raising money, food drives, clothing drives, toiletry drives, visiting or writing to veterans, the elderly or shut-ins. Our EcoClubs are Angels for the environment.

Our students involved in Stop the Stigma, Bullying Awareness and Prevention, and Safe Schools initiatives are doing the work of Angels as they spread messages of inclusion, friendship, kindness and caring.

Let's bring all this good work together:

Create an Angel Team or A-Team at your school.

Be An Angel; Join the A-Team

Your Local A- Team could:

Inspire others in the school community to help others locally across the TCDSB, and in the wider community.

Initiate fundraising initiatives for The Angel Foundation for Learning or other worthwhile charities.

Raise awareness about the work of the Angel Foundation.

Share photos and stories about the great work your A-Team and other groups in your school are doing to make a positive difference in your school, your parish, your city.

Our hope, of course, is that schools will keep the needs of our own students and families top of mind as you plan your fundraising activities for the year, and we welcome your continued support of The Angel Foundation for Learning.

Remember to share all the great work that your A-Team is doing through social media (please ensure that you have written consent to share images and person information with @AFLToronto) Tag @AFLToronto in your posts so that we can help to spread the word about the many random acts of kindness and giving.

Ideas for Consideration:

Poster Contest

Encourage students to design posters and other materials to help to raise awareness about the work of the Angel Foundation for Learning.

Social Media

Each A-Team could initiate a social media account - twitter or Instagram - to share approved images and stories (parental consent needed for sharing of personal information such as photos of students, students' work, names, ages etc). Follow @AFLToronto on Twitter or @angelfoundationforlearning on Instagram and tag us in your posts.


Consider fundraisers for AFL throughout the year:

  • Civvies day
  • Bake sale, pizza lunch, pancake breakfast or other one off events
  • Hot chocolate day
  • Walkathon or danceathon
  • Raffle or silent auction
  • Fun fair
  • Bazaar or used book sale
  • Movie or popcorn day
  • Asking for donations from families attending regular school events such as talent shows, Christmas concerts etc

Remember that a little bit goes a long way to helping students.

Not all Angels have wings, but we look forward to seeing what your A-Team is doing to help others soar.

Be #AngelsAmongUs #SharetheGood

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