Introducing a quick and easy way to support The Angel Foundation for Learning!

As we continue to do many of our daily activities in a virtual world, and turn to online shopping for some of our needs, we’d like to introduce you to ihiveLIVE.

This eCommerce platform allows you to sign up, designate a charity you wish to support, and then shop at many online retailers you likely visit periodically throughout the year anyway. Earn cash rewards for yourself, your charity or both.

There is NO SIGN UP FEE, and NO added cost to the items you wish to purchase online. However, once you designate a charity, which we hope will be The Angel Foundation for Learning, a small percentage of each transaction will be directed back to us. In order to earn cash rewards for yourself or your charity, you need to shop via the ihiveLIVE marketplace.

For example, a purchase of $35 with Indigo, would generate approximately 88 cents in cash rewards. This may not sound like much, but all those pennies, nickels and dimes will quickly add up, and this additional support throughout the year will enable us to continue to help students and families.

With 25-30% of TCDSB students coming from families who earn below the poverty line, the need has never been greater than it is now. Everyone has been impacted by the current health crisis, and charities such as AFL are struggling to replace lost corporate donations and sponsorships.

Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are all just around the corner. We ask you to consider joining The Angel Foundation for Learning’s hive to do some of your shopping and help us to generate some much needed funding for the important programs that we are trying to maintain.