According to the Letters Patents signed by Donald E. Clune, Tony Barone, and Jerry Stokes the Foundation was incorporated on April 23, 1987 as the Metropolitan Toronto Catholic Education Foundation (MTCEF).

The impetus to launch MTCEF was born from the recognized need to provide MSSB disadvantaged students with financial support by the Board of Trustees of the MSSB.

In 2007, the Foundation's name was changed to The Angel Foundation for Learning.



The Angel Foundation for Learning is the charitable organization that serves the needs of students in the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). Through the generosity and compassion of donors, we support students by nurturing their body, mind and soul through nutritional, educational, and spiritual programs.









As an official charity of the TCDSB, our mandate is to empower TCDSB students so they can focus on their education. Through our Four Wings of Support: Student Nutrition Programs; School Allocations; Guardian Angel Funds; and Bursaries and Awards, we work to give every student an equal opportunity to succeed.