Royal Family sends Curiosities Artist Kudos for Working with the AFL

Liam Murphy, one of the artists who will be participating at our Curiosities Art Show,  got a shout out from the Royal Family for his art and a thumbs up for working with the Angel Foundation for learning. How Great is that! Here is how the palace residents were first exposed to his work.

Liam has exhibited internationally and his hyper-realistic and abstract styles have garnered a lot of attention from around the world. His painting Yesteryear’s Rose represented Canada in the Millennium Winsor & Newton International art exhibition held in London, Stockholm and at the United Nations in New York, USA. His Royal Highness Prince Charles judged and helped select with four other judges his painting “Yesteryear’s Rose” at his residence in St. James Palace to represent Canada in the Winsor & Newton International Art Exhibition held in London Mall Galleries.