Introducing the 35th Anniversary Raffle 50-50 Draw to Support The Angel Foundation for Learning

2022 marks the 35th anniversary of The Angel Foundation for Learning. From humble beginnings in 1987, the foundation has grown into a multi-million dollar charity that supports students and families with a wide variety of basic and urgent needs including student nutrition programs, grocery cards, school apparel, assistive devices, accommodations, camp programs, bursaries and assistance with college and university application fees. Equity is at the core of everything we do so that no student is left behind when it comes to their education.

To celebrate our anniversary year, we have launched an online 50-50 raffle.

Licence # RAF1233594

Congratulations to the winning ticket holder, Sonia D'Amico! She is taking home a cash prize of $11,780.

Thank you to all who participated. Proceeds from the draw will go directly back into the school system to help children and families, with a particular emphasis on helping families displaced by the conflict in Ukraine.

The next draw will take place in June. Details coming soon!

More chances to win are coming throughout the year, so remember to follow us on Twitter @AFLToronto for regular updates on the draws and other opportunities to win prizes and support the work of the Foundation.

Special thanks goes to Johnson Insurance for sponsoring our 50-50 draws this year.